Renew Vitality with Paleo this Spring!

Renew Vitality with Paleo this Spring! Why Paleo? Before the dawn of the Agricultural Revolution, our ancestors lived a life virtually free of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and autoimmune disease among others. The secret to their health is believed to be their diet known as the Paleolithic diet. Our upcoming 21 Day Spring Detox will be focused around the Paleo Diet. It is not just a diet but a way of life that revolves around eating whole foods full of veggies, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. By following the Paleo diet, common food allergens such as gluten, dairy and soy are naturally avoided along with processed foods and excess sugar known to compromise the gut and immune system. Avoiding these triggers, in most cases, allows the gut to heal re-establishing the gut barrier which allows the absorption of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function optimally. Benefits of a Paleo Diet: Reduces inflammation Reduces allergies Stabilizes blood sugar Improves sleep Improves and stabilizes energy Clears skin Decreases brain fog Stabilizes mood Decreases bloating Sustained weight loss Increases nutrient absorption Anatomy of the Paleo Diet: In Vegetables Fruits Lean Meats – grass-fed/pastured raised Fish/Seafood Nuts and Seeds Healthy oils Eggs Out Grains Dairy Processed Foods and Sugars Legumes Starches Alcohol You can learn even more at: The Paleo Diet.TM Robb Wolf: What Is The Paleo Diet? Contact Us Connect with your Functional Medicine team at The Healing Center Denver to learn about services related to the Paleo Diet in Denver. CONTACT US