Success Stories

The Healing Center Denver Success Stories

The Healing Center and Dr. Starling has totally transformed my life. I had tried a million different doctors and had a million different diagnoses. Starling helped me figure out what was actually going on and how to heal, rebuild and orient my life toward vitality. Her approach is comprehensive, and everyone in the office is so wonderful to be around.”
 Chloe A.

There is a genuine warmth about this place. The staff is very welcoming and everyone seems to make you feel very inclusive as a new patient. It also seems like the staff truly enjoys working there and as if they are proud to be a part of what Dr. Starling is doing in her practice and it really shows! There is just a sense of contentment among the staff there and an eagerness to help old and new patients! I felt extremely welcome and I felt as though Dr. Starling truly seemed interested in my unique concerns. I would highly recommend checking out The Healing Center!”
 Paula M.

When I first began seeing Dr. Starling about two and a half months ago, I could barely function throughout the day. I suffered from extreme fatigue, constant GI issues, illness after illness, and was in so much pain over my whole body. I had brought these issues to my primary care provider only to be told that everything was normal and that I should simply exercise more and eat better to help combat weight gain, depression and everything else I was feeling. It was frustrating, to say the least.

Over the past two and a half months, the progress I have made has been ASTOUNDING! Dr. Starling worked with me to find a protocol that is right for me and although I am still learning and progressing, it really feels like I have my life back. I am no longer in pain, I have so much energy, I’m able to be present with friends and family, and I just simply feel good. Dr. Starling is incredibly caring, intelligent, and up front with her patients. She does a great job of explaining what is happening with your body and also how to move forward to heal. On top of that, the entire staff at The Healing Center is phenomenal. I cannot recommend The Healing Center enough!”
  Sara B.

The Healing Center has given me knowledge, power, and a practical plan to feel good and thrive. Dr. Marie Starling’s talent, skill, and intuition is in the league of its own. And her innate ability to easily and authentically connect with people doesn’t suck either. I recommend the healing center all the time! Everyone there is amazing. Including the other patients. The Healing Center is a vortex of awesome health and well-being.”
Elaina M.

There are so many positive things I can say about the Healing Center and Dr. Starling. I recently was having hot flashes pretty frequently (about one an hour). Dr. Starling guided me to do a hormone clearing and I haven’t had a hot flash since. They went away immediately, I was shocked. This is just one of many examples I have with this practice. Highly recommend!!”
Angie M.

Dr. Starling is not only an excellent diagnostician who’s incredibly knowledgeable about immune system dysfunction and the resultant allergies and other complicated symptoms that result from such dysfunction–she also knows what to do about it. In the past 25 years I’ve gone to many docs (both traditional and holistic) seeking treatment for the serious health issues that began with exposure to toxic mold in my home. By the time the mold was discovered, I was very, very ill. Dr. Starling, however, immediately recognized the symptoms and laid out a plan for recovery. No other physician had been able to do that–and for this reason, I consider her a national treasure!”
  Nancy H.