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Personalized Functional Medicine at The Healing Center Denver

At The Healing Center Denver, our holistic methods provide answers for your problems. Our doctors would love to care for you and your family!

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Discover Natural, Holistic Care for Everyone in the Denver Area

Denver functional medicine practitioner Dr. Marie Starling discovered the benefits of this method of care while in college. She believes the body needs the correct care to heal itself fully. Our staff is knowledgeable and educated to assess all areas of the body to find the hidden causes of disease.

Combining these techniques with specialties such as thyroid care, nutritional therapy, adrenal fatigue support, and others, led to the establishment of a holistic healing environment suitable for everyone. At The Healing Center Denver, we get to the root cause of your health issues with customized, comprehensive, and effective care plans.

Offering the Services You Need

With years of experience at our practice, we offer holistic and comprehensive health care for a wide range of physical and emotional disorders. We believe your body needs the correct care to heal itself fully.

Our method of care addresses all areas of the body to find hidden causes of diseases. Our staff is knowledgeable, educated, and are some of the best specialists in the area.

Some symptoms we address include muscle pain and soreness, chronic pain, dietary imbalances, emotional imbalances, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression, thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, hormone imbalances, allergies, neurological disorders, stress, and more!


You Are More Than Just Your Symptoms

Managing a disease is more than simply addressing the symptoms. Our licensed, expert medical staff at The Healing Center Denver assess your health holistically, aiming to identify the core cause of the medical disorder. We don’t downplay your symptoms; we get to the root of the problem, so you can experience your full potential. Unlike mainstream health care, we look at the whole body, mind, and spirit.

When you become a patient at the practice, we begin by examining all biological working systems of the body, utilizing a customized, and patient-centered approach. To determine an accurate diagnosis and therapy, we strive to account for all areas of well-being, including diet, environmental variables, and lifestyle habits. We supplement our findings with state-of-the-art testing and guide you through a supported plan customized to your unique physiology.


Carol C.

Eternally Grateful

I began seeing Dr. Starling in 2013 after having some digestive issues. After following her recommendations, my life changed and I feel eternally grateful for how she helped me resolve my health issues. I continue to see her for adjustments and other health related concerns. I also she Erik Johnson who is an Acupuncturist. These two individuals are truly gifted and no matter what’s going on with me, I feel so much better and more balanced and in harmony every time I see them. I would recommend The Healing Center not only for how much they’ve helped me, but also for the amazing staff. Walking into their offices is like a breath of fresh air; there is such a calming and peaceful feeling in this healing environment. They help you to live your BEST Life!

- Carol C. Eternally Grateful


Gained Knowledge and Confidence

Dr. Starling and The Healing Center have given me so much knowledge and confidence to take care of myself for the long term. Before working at The Healing Center, I had very little knowledge of alternative healthcare and had been facing some minor behavioral, digestive and hormonal problems along with depression. I quickly learned the importance of getting adjusted, as it reset my nervous system and helped tremendously with my ADHD symptoms, and also the role my diet and supplementation can play in my neurotransmitter production. After working with Dr. Starling, I have the tools for long term, optimal health and I also have the ability to listen to my body in a way that I had not been able to do before. I am so thankful to have been able to develop my health at The Healing Center.

- Anonymous

Dan R.

Well-Informed and Thorough

Dr. Starling at The Healing Center is the most well-informed and thorough doctor I’ve ever met. In my first visit she immediately found the little and big issues that I’m experiencing in my body – even the ones I wasn’t even aware of. It’s like the moment when a massage therapist pushes on a muscle you never knew was tight – except she does that for your entire body! This is my key to a long and amazing life – stop by to get yours!

- Dan R. Well-Informed and Thorough

Mary Ann T.

Able to Choose

When I first started seeing Dr. Starling at The Healing Center, my hips were completely bound up, and I was thinking that hip replacement was in my future. I have been seeing her steadily for several years, and she has done chiropractic and soft-tissue manipulation on me. I can now sit comfortably in a lotus position (that was never going to happen!) and I can hike for miles without problems. I ran into a number of digestive issues as I got older, and Dr. Starling has helped me identify foods that I am sensitive and allergic to. Eliminating those, along with sugar, has significantly cut down any inflammation in my body. The main thing is to follow her instructions, do what she says. She gives you the choice, and you have to take it.

- Mary Ann T.

Danielle R.

Worth My Time

I’m a current patient at the Healing Center and worked there for 4 years. As an employee it was such an amazing place to work. Dr. Starling has given me access to a world I wasn’t even aware existed. She has created an environment to empower people to live a life they love. When I started at the Healing Center I was a shell of myself and I left in love with my life and present to life’s possibilities. I can never repay what this place and Dr. Starling has provided me!

As a patient, let’s just say I wouldn’t drive 45 minutes out of my way for an adjustment and an office visit if I didn’t feel it was worth my time.

I don’t know what I would do without this place. When I walk in the door everyone is ready to take care of me! From helping me get the supplements I need, keeping me hydrated by refilling my water bottle and making sure my next appointment is scheduled so I don’t forget to take care of myself. As a new mom, who is autoimmune, and all the changes your body goes through I had no worries I would get back to feeling amazing because I have a team of support at the healing center.

- Danielle R.

Jennifer J.

Dr. Starling has already improved my health and disease symptoms in just two weeks!

- Jennifer J.

Sara B.

Dr. Starling worked with me to find a protocol that is right for me and although I am still learning and progressing, it really feels like I have my life back. I am no longer in pain, I have so much energy, and I’m able to be present with friends and family, and I simply just feel good.

- Sara B. Reclaiming My Life

Elaina M.

The Healing Center has given me knowledge, power, and a practical plan to feel good and thrive.

- Elaina M.

Effective Strategies

Our patients come to us because they’re not willing to settle for feeling bad. They’re looking for care outside the traditional medical, drug, and surgery based model. They’re curious, educated, and won’t settle for ineffective care.

We are well-equipped to address the most challenging cases using functional medicinenutritional therapy, and other specialties. Our thyroid doctor and adrenal fatigue specialist are the best, and always strive to put your well-being first.