New Patients

New Patients at The Healing Center Denver

For people who are not sure whether The Healing Center Denver is the right option for their health care, we offer an initial consultation, which consists of short intake paperwork, a brief visit with the doctor to see if you’re a good fit for our practice, and we’re a good fit for you. Consultations are typically 20 minutes, and there’s a $30 fee.


New Patient Exam

Patients may start directly with the New Patient Exam, or schedule for after the initial consultation. Before your exam, we have you complete your detailed history, gather all your records from the past seven years, and submit them to us before you come in. We are unable to see people who have not provided the necessary documentation.

The new patient exam consists of taking a full history, an in-depth physical exam, structural exam, neurological screening, applied kinesiology testing, and a bioresonance scan.

The Report of Findings

At this appointment, the doctor will review your health situation. You’ll also receive specific, customized findings. Lab testing may also be recommended, including

  •  Comprehensive blood panels
  •  Autoimmune testing
  •  Hormone evaluation
  •  Celiac/gluten testing
  •  Adrenal stress testing
  •  Food antibody testing

The First Office Visit

During this initial visit, the doctor will create custom protocols to address your first layer of healing. This appointment may also include specifics regarding supplements, diet, blood sugar normalizationchiropractic adjustments, detox support, and allergy elimination protocols.

Patients are scheduled for weekly office visits for 10 weeks to monitor and make any necessary adjustments to their protocols.

Financial Responsibilities

After the report of findings, you will receive an email with your care estimate. Our office manager will go through it with you and answer any questions you might have before proceeding.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, HSA and FSA plans and Crypto. In certain cases, CareCredit®, Discover, and American Express may be accepted. Please speak with the office manager for further information.