Dr. Julie Bogdan

Meet Dr. Julie Bogdan

Associate Doctor

As a licensed chiropractor and intuitive healer, Dr. Bodgan has been treating patients since 1997. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan University in St. Louis. She is passionate about integrating intuition with intellect to help her clients become more conscious healers of their own body, and to trust and to honor their own health. There, you’ll find a happier, lighter place to live. Less overwhelm, more understanding. Less pain, more spirit.

She recognizes that we are all biologically unique. So she utilizes a variety of approaches to tailor to each individual’s unique healing requirements. She believes that supplements, food protocolschiropractic adjustments and lifestyle management create a solid foundation.



Dr. Bogdan also specializes in a therapy called Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). NET is a lifestyle management approach, which utilizes muscle testing to identify and dissipate stuck or stagnant emotional patterns—often from a past unresolved event. She likes to say that it allows you space to breathe—and it also “keeps the windshield clear” of stories that are burdening your load.

She thinks outside traditional theories and is fueled by learning new alternative theories and approaches to healing. She loves working with health-centered individuals. She is innately passionate about connecting with and understanding you on a deeper level. She believes that connection to your story helps her intuitively navigate your healing. She tries to create a space for you to feel supported as you connect to the courage required to relax into vulnerability and explore your inner realms. This is where true healing begins.

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