Oil Pulling: A Natural Remedy for Improving Oral Health and Reducing Pathogenic Toxins

By Jessica Yoches, CNTP,  on July 9, 2014 At the Healing Center, we commonly see pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold underlying and accompanying many health issues for patients. We have multiple tools for eliminating these pathogens including herbs, clearings, frequency treatments, and detoxification. Another method of eliminating and managing pathogens is through […]

Eliminating IBS Once and For All

I found an excellent article by Dr. Hyman, MD this week that highlights 5 simple steps to eliminate IBS without drugs. We commonly use these steps in our practice, which are aimed at identifying and addressing the underlying cause for IBS. Most patients are prescribed antidepressants, sedatives, anti-spasm drugs, Metamucil or other fiber sources, and […]

Allergy Testing, Immune Testing – What does it all mean?

By LuCinda Miller and Dr. Marie Starling At The Healing Center, Dr. Starling uses many types of tests to determine the underlying issues creating symptoms in our patients.  Food is one piece of your overall health and must be tested to determine what variety of problem is present, such as if it is to be […]

Getting Rid of Chronic Pain

Here at The Healing Center, our mission is to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and address them individually, using a variety of tools available to us. There are 8 common triggers for chronic pain that most people don’t realize. 1.  Structural or Neurological Imbalance “Abnormal spinal movement can be caused by physical trauma […]

Most Dangerous Foods for Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, Gluten-free Diet #2–Yeast

Dr. David Clark, DC – Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Functional Neurologist- explains exactly what current research say about the danger of yeast and gluten sensitivity. DoctorDavidClark.com I want to share with you the #2 most dangerous food you can eat if you’re gluten sensitive, have celiac disease or are following a gluten-free diet… Yeast (baker’s yeast, brewer’s […]

Most Dangerous Foods for Gluten Sensitivty, Celiac Disease, Gluten-free Diet #1–Milk

Dr. David Clark, DC – Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Functional Neurologist- explains exactly what current research say about the danger of milk and gluten sensitivity. DoctorDavidClark.com I’m going to share with you the recently confirmed number one danger to your health if you have gluten sensitivity, celiac disease…and that is consuming milk products. About a year and […]

Sneezing? Wheezing? Runny Nose? Allergy Season is Here!

Sneezing? Wheezing? Runny Nose? Allergy Season is Here!

By LuCinda Miller Imagine no longer suffering from allergies!  No needles, no shots, no avoidance! Contact us at today at 303-721-9800 to get ahead of your seasonal allergies.  Denver allergist, Dr. Starling, has advanced the techniques of NAET and BioSet allergy elimination to provide an effective, noninvasive way to address seasonal allergies in Colorado.  Through this […]

The Gluten Free Stigma – It’s Not a Vanity Issue, It’s a Serious Health Issue

By LuCinda Miller My own personal experience this week has enlightened me regarding the stigma attached to the gluten free diet, from the comedian last night that suggested we suck it up and eat our bread to my 11 year old’s friends thinking she is gluten free to lose weight to the general population that […]

Did you know your gut can talk to your brain???

By Michal Cooling CNT Highly underestimated in its impact on health, the brain-gut axis is imbalanced in most of our chronic patients. In simple terms, the brain talks to the gut, and the gut talks to the brain. In fact, several parts of the brain are responsible directly for normal gut function. The gut also […]

Renew Vitality with Paleo this Spring!

Why Paleo? Before the dawn of the Agricultural Revolution, our ancestors lived a life virtually free of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and autoimmune disease among others.  The secret to their health is believed to be their diet known as the Paleolithic diet. Our upcoming 21 Day Spring Detox will be focused around […]

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