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Trapped Emotions and Your Health

Healing and Processing Emotions

For any illness, part of the healing process includes addressing the mind-body connection and revitalizing mental and emotional health. Emotions are more than just mere feelings; rather they expose underlying thoughts and beliefs that drive our decisions and dictate how we interact with and interpret our world. Not all of these values and beliefs are true or realistic, prompting harmful emotional responses that affect our health and environment. In today’s fast paced world, we are out of touch with our emotions. Insufficient credit is given to their impact on our overall wellbeing.

Unhealthy or unprocessed emotions become stressors in the body, acting as pathogens similar to bacteria; fungi/molds; mycotoxins; viruses; parasites; chemicals/pesticides; and other toxins that can accumulate in the body and manifest symptoms. Each emotion we experience is triggered from a distinctive feeling and releases different chemicals that affect the body; thoughts and beliefs generate chemical responses in the body and our emotions follow. If these chemicals are not properly processed, toxic byproduct substances are produced that the body must process and release, just as it must detox environmental and pathogenic toxins.

Emotions affect genetic expression and carry with them energy that, when trapped, gets stored in our body’s cellular memory. The energy from that experience remains in the body where the incident occurred until it is released. These unreleased emotions cause symptoms such as chronic aches and pains in the location where the emotions are trapped.

According to David Suzuki in his book Sacred Balance, condensed molecules collected from the exhalation of expressing anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, guilt, and jealousy contained high amounts of toxic chemicals, illustrating why releasing trapped emotions is an important part of your health protocol.

Unprocessed or toxic emotions accumulate and create stress that is draining; emotional unrest affects every system in the body. The first step is being aware that your emotions are triggered by subconscious thoughts determining how you react, time after time. These reactions can be changed, and you can take control of your health instead of being a victim of your symptoms. If you follow an optimal diet catered to your cellular needs, take supplements, exercise, stretch, meditate, get massages or acupuncture etc. yet have emotions that remain unprocessed you will still not reach your full potential of health.

How do you find and release unhealthy stored emotions?

An Emotional Clearing is a therapy that addresses underlying thoughts and beliefs, and clears the unhealthy emotions that accompany them. At the Healing Center, as part of our new patient protocol, we use a Zyto Biofeedback scan, muscle testing, and other methods to discover any existing trapped emotions. Then we utilize various therapies to facilitate their release, such as nutritional support; chiropractic adjustments; and, primarily, Emotional Clearings conducted by our very own Michal Cooling.

Trained in emotional release, Michal helps you uncover trapped emotions, and with a series of sessions, facilitates their release in a healthy way. This emotional release carves the path for a new outlook on your life and wellbeing, while simultaneously releasing pent up physical stress, anxiety and tension.

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