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Sneezing? Wheezing? Runny Nose? Allergy Season is Here

Seasonal Allergy Removal in Colorado

Imagine no longer suffering from allergies! No needles, no shots, no avoidance!

Denver functional medicine specialist and allergist, Dr. Starling, has advanced the techniques of NAET and BioSet allergy elimination to provide an effective, noninvasive way to address seasonal allergies in Colorado. Through this technique, she has successfully cleared hundreds of patients. I happen to be one of them. I suffered from seasonal allergies for years and was on a daily over the counter drug regimen for 6 months out of the year covering the Spring and Fall allergy seasons. Along with the obvious symptoms were headaches and chronic sinus infections. After going through the allergy protocol along with Dr. Starling’s whole body approach to repair my gut and stabilize my immune system, I was drug free by the fall allergy season and have remained that way for 4 years now!

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