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How to Detect Pathogens Using The FDA-Approved Zyto Hand Scan

Hi, I’m Dr. Marie Starling

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I specialize in adjunctive care for internal disorders, autoimmune conditions, IBSthyroid symptoms, diabetes, and other complex health issues.

As your Functional Medicine specialist in Denver, we utilize the Zyto hand scan as part of our comprehensive investigation into your individual health issues, which could include autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto’s, lupus, adrenal fatigue and more.

Just recently, Zyto technology was approved by the FDA as safe and accurate, and is the only energy scanner of its type that is fully approved as a Class II Medical Device and neurological device by the FDA!!

The Zyto has no contraindications and is safe for infants, children, those with pacemakers, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Other similar approved therapies and devices include:

  • tuning forks
  • Percussors
  • Biofeedback
  • infrared brain hematoma detectors
Zyto biofeedback has many uses and benefits, one being its ability to detect underlying infection and pathogen trends. The scan is included in our new patient assessment, but is also available as a separate service, scans are $75.

If interested in a scan or learning more about Zyto, contact our office at 303.721.9800.

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