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New Year Repair Protocol for Renewed Vitality

Systemic Nutritional and Detoxification Support Program is an essential part of the nutritional programdesigned for your health concerns. This includes RepairVite and ClearVite programs. The benefits are many. The results are quickly reflected in improved lab work and assessment results, disappearance of many minor aches and pains, decrease in the level of major physical discomforts, and most importantly, a change toward a better and more positive mood. All of this really means:

Improved Body Chemistry!

  • Alkalizes the body
  • Biosynthesis of ascorbic acid
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Stimulate & Balance Metabolism
  • Support and regulate adrenals
  • Allow intestines to heal
  • Decrease antigen load
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Detox poisonous substances
  • Destroy yeast / Anti-fungal
  • Improve mood & energy
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Transport hormones and other important
  • Substances and release at target location
  • Help pinpoint and eliminate food allergies

It also includes our Ultimate Body Applicator body wrap that:

  • Tightens, tones, & firms
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • Improves skin texture & tightness

Detoxification Support Program

Everyday, millions of molecules from different compounds enter our bodies through voluntary or involuntary ingestion. These chemicals come from foods, beverages, medicines, food additives, personal care, and numerous other sources. Whenever a system, whether it is a living (humans, animals) or a mechanical (different machines) system becomes polluted, normal functioning becomes affected.

Excessive pollution in a system may result in malfunctioning or serious degeneration of the system. You might have experienced this occurrence with the mechanics of your car. Every so often you need to change the oil, air filter, etc. in order to keep the system clean so the car will run more efficiently and last longer. That is why when your car’s engine needs repair, the mechanic first cleans the engine before any attempt to fix it. It is always easier to repair a clean system than a polluted one.

If you are not successful in fixing a polluted system, you are never sure if it is the system that has not been fixed, or if it is the pollution that is causing the problem.Every working system, as the result of normal functioning, produces pollution. Some of the pollutants that are produced within the living systems are eliminated through processes naturally built in the system. But, no living system has the ability to rid itself totally from all of the naturally produced or foreign pollutants. As a result, the system can slowly produce and accumulate pollutants to a point of self-destruction.

The poor nutritional habits in the Western world due to the limited number of healthy food ingredients being used in the daily diet, and a variety of other factors related to industrialization has increased the number of allergy problems by ten fold within the last few decades. Most of the symptoms produced as the result of the accumulation of toxins are very similar to allergies. Mild toxicities and food allergies will produce very discomforting symptoms such as poor digestion, gas, bloating, heartburn, headaches, fatigue, chronic mild infections, hormone imbalances, etcThis is a two-phase program with a 5-7 day preparation phase.

The first phase lasts three weeks and helps resolve metabolic problems; it involves a period of cleansing and renewal through detoxification. You will feel more energetic, lose weight, relieve many chronic health problems, and improve your energy, memory, digestion, sleep and allergies.

In this phase you are going to clean up your diet. Getting rid of the garbage foods, moving toward a diet of whole, unprocessed foods, and eliminating foods that you may have sensitivities to will help you start the weight loss process and reboot your metabolism. This phase sets the stage for the rest of the diet. In it people typically lose 6 – 11 pounds and start to feel energetic and healthier. This detoxification phase is designed to further what you started in the preparation phase by removing the most common food allergies and introducing whole, healing foods.

Beside weight loss, you can expect to feel more energetic, to sleep better, and to be rid of chronic sinus and digestive problems and headaches. Part of the healing occurs because of all the junk and common food allergens you are eliminating, but most occurs because you introduce delicious, whole foods.The second phase lasts for a lifetime. It will help you live in harmony with your genes and rebalance your hormones, immune system, and energy metabolism and maintain lifelong healthy weight and Ultrametabolism!

During Phase II of the program you will start to re-educate your body and program your genes to lose weight and keep it off. By doing so you will lose and additional 5 to 10 pounds in the first two to four weeks and then approximately a pound a week until you are at your optimal weight. You will stick to the whole-food diet eating plan you started in Phase I. But you will reintroduce all the foods that have the potential for intolerances.When reintroducing them, you can monitor their effects on your health. (If you get a stomachache or your nose stuffs up when you eat dairy products, it is best to stay away from them.) This phase solidifies the hormone and immune changes in your body and allows you to reset your metabolism for the long term!Phase II is really just a start for the rest of your life. Variety, fun, nourishment, pleasure, color, and wholeness are essential for making this way of eating your way of eating for life. Feel free to improvise and adapt; just stick with whole foods, and you will have difficulty getting into trouble.

By the end of eight weeks:

1 Week Preparation

3 Weeks Detoxification

4 Weeks committed to rebalancing your metabolism for life. You will have lost weight and feel so much better that you won’t even want to eat all the foods that you used to love but that ruined your metabolism.

What makes your detoxification program different from others out there?

This program is much more than the laxative based, “colon cleanses” available in health food stores or the juice fasts found online. The primary difference in this program is that it addresses numerous detoxification pathways (liver, kidney, gi, skin, mental/emotional), while simultaneously attempting to decrease inflammation in your body. This is accomplished in a number of ways:

1. A modified elimination diet – designed to reduce and identify food allergies as a possible source of inflammation, and to help give the gastrointestinal system a break from our everyday diet. Inflammation is now considered a source of all disease.

2. Comprehensive supplementation – designed to support detoxification of the liver, gall bladder and colon, as well as safe detoxification of the cells.

3. Emotional support and exercises – to help unwind our normal patterns of stress and mental toxicity, which contribute to our toxic burden. In short, our well rounded program was designed around scientific principles and is supported by the clinical results it achieves.

In committing to follow this powerful Systemic Nutritional & Detoxification Support Program, I will provide you with an easy to customize approach. You will receive an introduction to the program, it’s benefits, and detoxification approach.

The Plan:

Will be your guide with easy to understand step by step instructions, Menu Plan designs, 1 Sample Menu Plan, individualized cleansing recipe, individualized supplemental support recommendations, & an educational guide to help you interpret your particular reactions to foods.

Food List: Will provide you with Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat, and is referred to in The Plan. Step By Step Food Reintroduction

Instructions: a guided reintroduction of foods, symptom lists, and food – symptom log.

Helpful Tips: Are some guidelines that will make Food Reintroduction phase most effective. Unlimited phone calls and/or e-mails to help you through this program outside of group time.