Dr. Marie Starling, DC, DCCN

Chiropractic Internist.  Functional Medicine.


If you are searching for a Denver functional medicine doctor, chiropractor, help with nutrition, allergies, or more, consider the work of Dr. Starling. Dr. Marie Starling has practiced as a holistic chiropractor for over 20 years.  Utilizing cutting-edge protocols and testing, she is able to get to the heart of structural problems and illness.  As a specialist in functional medicine, allergy elimination, rehabilitative chiropractic, and clinical nutrition, she is well equipped to address the most challenging of cases.  As well, she is a dynamic speaker who cares passionately about sharing how to create vitality and wellness and maintain it effortlessly.


  • Functional Medicine – Natural Treatment of Internal Disorders/ Adjunctive Autoimmune Care:  Functional assessment of thyroid imbalances, gastrointestinal problems, blood sugar disorders, hormone imbalances, infertility, autoimmune conditions and other dysfunctions of the body utilizing blood work, saliva, and stool panels.
  • Allergy Elimination – N.A.E.T./ BioSet allergy elimination is a permanent, noninvasive allergy elimination technique using chiropractic medicine, acupressure, and applied kinesiology.  Dr. Starling has modified and expanded the technique founded by Dr. Namburipad to include many additional disease pathways. This type of allergy elimination is ideal for many seeking care from a Denver allergist.
  • Clinical Nutrition – Assessment and correction of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, including diet changes and detoxification.
  • Pediatric Care – Adjustment and allergy elimination techniques in children.
We provide access to your full potential

Who We Are

Dr. Marie Starling founded The Healing Center as a place committed to helping people reach their full potential. From helping to eliminate allergies in Colorado, to offering chiropractic care and functional medicine, we are here for you. We are here to help you. Dr. Starling specializes in adjunct care for internal disorders, autoimmune conditions, IBS, thyroid symptoms, diabetes, and other complex health issues. We have the expertise to tackle some of the most challenging health issues that patients face today. If you have a difficult health issue, have seen multiple doctors, and are still suffering, we can help. We also offer allergy eliminationchiropractic carenutritional guidanceacupuncture and Chinese medicine, and massage services.

Meet The Team

Larry Amos – RMT, NMT, CT
Lawrence Amos is a Registered Massage Therapist in CO and Certified in the state of Virginia.  He specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching.  Starting out thirty years ago as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), he went on to study Reflexology, Massage Therapy, and Colon Therapy, finally specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching.  His massage instruction officially began in 1995 at Health Options Institute in North Hampton, PA, then continued at the Florida College of Natural Health in Oveido, FL.  He has taught numerous classes at the Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville, VA, and is now teaching at the Denver Integrative Massage School.  He has been fortunate in life to have befriended several Traditional Native American Healers who have helped him along his spiritual path as well as open his eyes to the many paths of healing.  He loves to wildcraft medicinal herbs and dabble in raw vegan cuisine.
KT Colgan – Emotional Energy Healer and Pathogen Elimination Assistant
KT Colgan first started working at the Healing Center as a Graphic Designer in 2011 while also receiving treatment as a patient. When chronic shoulder pain made it hard to continue being a graphic designer, she found a powerful healing modality a and new passion called the Emotion Code. She decided to teach herself the Emotion Code when she noticed great results from getting several sessions from an Emotion Code /Body Code Practitioner. Over the past 5 years KT has honed her emotional clearing and energy healing skills and as of June 2017 is excited to help patients get to the root of their health concerns by identifying and clearing energetic imbalances. Because KT has firsthand experience battling and overcoming the bulk of her health issues (allergies, autoimmunity, depression and chronic pain), she feels she is in a unique position to both relate to and inspire current patients going through a similar struggle. She also helps patients with pathogen elimination by running the GB4000 and biofeedback scans.
Suzanne Rainey – Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT)
Suzanne Rainey is a spiritual energy guide. She meets people where they are on their healing journeys, and uses energy modalities in her coaching sessions to complement the other deep healing work at The Healing Center. Suzanne shares Reiki with people seeking assistance from many conditions, including relief of pain, stress and anxiety, to working with various existing conditions, all with the intention to open to emotional freedom, joy, and empowerment. Suzanne practices in the Japanese Usui tradition of Reiki. She also offers Akashic Records readings for clients seeking deeper insights into aspects of their current health and spiritual situations. These powerful sessions provide guidance in a deep way that allow clients to connect with what is needed in the here and now. Suzanne is a Colorado native, and returned in 2014 after she and her husband spent 20 years in Washington, D.C. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Washington University in St. Louis, and is a Certified Yoga Teacher from a beloved yoga studio in Alexandria, Virginia. She loves to share gifts of calm, gratitude, healing, awakening, and abundance. And most of all, she loves to be a part of awakening the Spark that is within each and every one of us. Call for a free consultation if you’d like to know more!
Elise Sage- Metabolic Coordinator

Elise Sage is Greenwood Village local who is passionate about the healing arts. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in social work at Sacred Heart University where she played and captained a D1 volleyball program.  Elise is currently finishing her certification in Reiki and is building a toolbox of skills so that she can help others to live their happiest and healthiest life. When she is not at the Healing Center she is spending time with her loved ones, listening to music, doing yoga, philosophizing about life and being as active as possible.

Steely S- Therapy Coordinator
SteelySteeley moved to Denver from Indiana to pursue a Master’s Certification in Nutrition Therapy. He loves studying healing modalities as well as various forms of physical exercise. He also enjoys practicing mixed martial arts like Muay Thai, and relaxing with Yoga. His passion in life if helping others heal.
Samantha Ball- Office Integrator

  Samantha Ball a Denver based illustrator, graphic designer and office intergrator . Her work reflects a modern take on spiritually, emotion and raw individuality. Her intention is to inspire people through the mediums of art, symbolism, joy and laughter. Her work experiences are the catalyst through which she sees and shares her interpretation of life’s beauty and life force.


Bachelor of Science Human Biology
Cleveland Chiropractic College – Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
N.A.E.T. Allergy Elimination Certification
Acupuncture Certification
Functional Endocrinology Seminars 
Over 300 postgraduate hours training with Dr. Datis Kharrazian in advanced functional endocrinology including advanced blood chemistry analysis, neurological diagnosis, and functional autoimmune assessment.
Neurochemistry Fellowship – 150 hours Board Eligible
Neurology Diplomate – 360 hours Board Eligible



Colorado Chiropreactic Association, CCA
Colorado Women’s Chiropractic Association, CWCA – Former Vice President and founding member
Diplomate of the College of Clinical Nutrition, DCCN



The Healing Center
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