Why Chiropractic?

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By:  Dr. Caitlin Landerholm, DC

Chiropractic and functional medicine complement each other perfectly because they both focus on finding the cause and mechanism of dysfunction in the human body. Consider “what is the cause of your weight gain, migraines, fatigue, pain, asthma, allergies, insomnia, constipation, etc.?”

Did you know?

  • Chiropractors are nervous system doctors
  • The Nervous System manages all functions of our body
  • Prolonged stress impacts the function of our nervous system
  • Chiropractic restores nervous system function

Some misconceptions about chiropractic:

Chiropractic is not:

  • Alternative health care
  • Muscle or bone doctors
  • Massage
  • For back pain
  • For neck pain
  • For symptom relief  (although neck and back pain relieve when the cause is addressed)

What is Chiropractic and how does it work?

Chiropractic is a unique and distinctive healing art that identifies and corrects vertebral subluxations restoring normal form and function.

  • A subluxation is a mechanical dysfunction of a bone that blocks the normal function of the nervous system
  • Subluxations can reduce nerve impulses by 60%
  • Chiropractic works directly with the nervous system by correcting subluxations using a variety of techniques
  • Chiropractic techniques activate specific nuclei and receptors which reactivates the tone of the muscle responsible for moving the bone, and normalizes the proprioceptive firing and sensory input into the brain
  • A chiropractic adjustment can stimulate a sympathetic or parasympathetic response depending on which segment is being corrected, thus affecting the autonomic functions of blood pressure, heart rate, immune system, heart function, kidney function, liver function, digestive system, etc.
  • A cervical chiropractic adjustment is more effective to lower blood pressure than any medication on the market

Restoring function and having proper communication between the brain and the rest of the body is the most important factor to our health and well-being. This is why chiropractic is such a big part of helping our patients heal.

Dr. Starling’s and Dr. Landerholm’s intention is to restore function to all systems in the body with a protocol of care unique to each patient that provides access to each patient’s full potential. If you found this information interesting or helpful please share it with someone in your life and like the article on our Facebook page!


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