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By LuCinda Miller

“I can’t keep my eyes open.”  “I can’t seem to focus.”  “I can’t concentrate.”

Most of us have experienced these feelings even when we have had plenty of sleep and most of us can attest to these feelings coming at the most inopportune times, such as right before a big test or right in the middle of a meeting.  Sometimes it makes sense, you were up late the night before or you just completed a big project or assignment that required a lot of mental energy.  And then there are the times you did get a good night’s sleep and work has been light.  How do you get through that test, how do you get through that meeting?  Today we will introduce you to an energy switch that can do just that.

Our bodies are amazing at adapting and responding to our environment.  In an effort to maintain balance, we have a built in mechanism that essentially forces us to slow down, conserve energy, and prevent exhaustion.  When this mechanism is engaged, the body’s energy flow is running in reverse.  You will feel sluggish and find it difficult to move forward and get things done.  This is your body’s alarm telling you to rest and slow down so it can repair itself and reset.  For instances when we can’t stop what we are doing and recharge, we can override this mechanism and simply flip the energy switch to get through the task at hand and keep you awake and focused.   It is important to note that there may come a time in which you will not be able to override this mechanism because the body has already reached the point of exhaustion.

Flipping the energy switch using the K-27 points

  1. Place your fingers on both sides of your collarbone.  Trace your collarbone toward your midline until you reach the ends.
  2. Drop down 1 inch from the tips of your collarbone.  You may feel soft indentations.
  3. Using the tips of your first 3 fingers, tap both points for 30 seconds.

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