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I went to see Dr. Starling after seeing many doctors and not understanding why I was so tired, sick all the time, and plagued with migraines. My initial appointment was one of relief…I felt that I was finally in the right place. Dr. Starling listened to all of my vast symptoms and came up with a plan based on a holistic approach. –Madelaine L

This was a great experience and I highly recommend Dr. Starling to anyone that is interested in finding out more about how they can perform at the highest level possible!  Before this, I never knew that most allergies can actually be treated and fixed.  Stephen C

I kept getting sick with all kinds of viruses and bacterial infections but other specialists couldn’t figure out my true illness.  Dr. Starling figured it out!  I am autoimmune with a gluten and dairy intolerance.  I no longer have to sleep four extra hours a day and I just finished a 120 mile bike trip with my husband and 4 kids.  She gave me my life back.  Yes, she’s alternative, but exceptionally systematic and scientific with her methodologies.  –Meredith J

Ever since last summer, when I woke up with an inflamed thyroid, my health began declining.  I was battling joint pain, problems with my digestive system, and my “brain fog” was so bad I felt like I was losing my mind.  I also had terrible insomnia.  I had been to countless doctors and specialists, had test after test, but no real diagnosis.  Not only that, I was not getting better, I was getting worse.  I felt much older than 40 years old.

Then my mom happened to see Dr. Starling on Colorado and Company a few months ago.  Dr. Starling has changed my life.  She discovered my gluten intolerance as well as many, many previously undiagnosed allergies.  After a few months of treatment and lifestyle changes, I am feeling better than I have in a long time.  I have lost over 20 pounds, my joint pain is greatly reduced, and my intestinal problems are gone!

I would recommend Dr. Starling to anyone who is not getting proper help from traditional medicine.  It is difficult to put into words what she has done for me.  She is caring and she definitely gives each and every patient individual attention.  Dr. Starling has given me hope and I feel like I can finally enjoy being a mother to my children!  Cindy

I have suffered from stomach issues for 30+ years.  I’ve seen general practitioners and specialists who conducted several tests with inconclusive results.  I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and given a prescription to help with the associated spasms and pain.  I hated not knowing when the next episode would hit and feared long road trips and air travel without access to a restroom.  I would wake in the middle of the night in severe pain and would be up for hours.  Sometimes I’d make it to work the next day, sometimes not.  Needless to say, this was a stressful situation for both me and my family.

In April 2011, after a lengthy bout with IBS, a coworker referred me to Dr. Starling.  I was skeptical at first, but Dr. Starling quickly identified several food sensitivities and mineral/vitamin deficiencies, placed me on a 3-week detox program, and ordered additional tests.  She ultimately identified that the cause of my issues was gluten.  I’ve adjusted my diet and am definitely making healthier choices.  While living gluten-free has not been an easy transition, I have never felt better and my family has definitely noticed the change.  I have more energy, have lost approximately 15 pounds, and my stomach/bowel issues are gone.  I’m amazed with the difference and have Dr. Starling (and my coworker who referred me) to thank!  Nancy

About seven years ago, my daughter became very ill.  I started taking her to doctors who would tell me that nothing was wrong.  But she just seemed to become more and more ill everyday, sometimes having no energy at all to get out of bed.  And then when she did get out of bed she had terrible problems comprehending the instructions that were given to her by teachers and other authority figures.  I tried to find the best doctors, the best therapists, the best social workers, and even the best psychiatrists to help her.

When we saw Dr. Starling do an interview on Colorado and Company, I just had to call and find out if her services could make a difference and it did!  Now my daughter has her life back and she is making friends with people and functioning top level in her academics.  My family is absolutely amazed and astounded by the improvement that Dr. Starling’s treatments have made.  It has even been less expensive over all than the out of pocket expenses we have been paying through my insurance.  Thank you so much Dr. Starling and your wonderful team of professionals that you work with.  Sherri

When I first came into The Healing Center, I was very ill.  We had gone to several doctors over the last few years.  The answer kept coming back the same “I can’t do anything for you, you seem fine”, even though my symptoms continued to worsen.  Two years ago I was bed ridden, I couldn’t even find the strength to get up and take care of myself.  That is when things really got serious. Even as all of these things were happening we kept hope.

One day my mom told me that she saw a doctor that she was for sure could help me.  From then we made an appointment immediately.  Since all of this was going on with me and my family it took much effort, but it was well worth it to feel alive again.  Dr. Starling has been so good to me and my family.  She has had an excellent bedside manner toward all of us.  I know that anything can be accomplished now by the help of my family, Dr. Starling, and all who are a part of The Healing Center.  They have brought in a new wave of different medical techniques through practice and may even be the revolution to the medical world.  I thank each and every one of them for being such a great light to me and my family.  Kana

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Announcement: Foundations of Health: Toxins and Pathogens in your Environment

Have you ever eaten sushi? 

Have you ever used Windex or other common cleaning products?

Have you ever traveled, or kissed someone?

If the answer is yes, you’ve been exposed to pathogens and other toxic chemicals.  Unfortunately, they are a widespread part of our modern lives.

Join us at The Healing Center for Dr. Marie Starling’s FREE Foundations of Health Series, “Toxins and Pathogens in your Environment,” to understand daily exposures that destroy your health, learn what they are, and how to avoid them.

Foundations of Health Lectures Series Dates and Times Announced!

As some of you may know, Dr. Marie Starling is putting on a FREE lecture series starting in April!  “Foundations of Health,” is a series designed to share Dr. Starling’s wealth of knowledge with anyone interested in long term health.  You don’t need to be a patient!  In fact, we are encouraging patient’s to bring any family or friends that don’t quite understand what it is you do when you’re at The Healing Center OR have interest in becoming a patient themselves.

How Emotions Affect Your Health: Drop the Emotional Baggage for Good

Every day each of us experiences an array of emotions that can range from pure illation to the worst kind of grief, sometimes making it feel like we’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Though most emotions leave the body after they are experienced, some will latch on, continuing to have a negative effect without us consciously knowing. Before we dive into why some emotions…

Your Underactive Thyroid and Weight Gain: Hypothyroidism Symptoms and Treatment

Are you tired all of the time despite getting a full night of sleep? Have you noticed sudden weight gain with a decrease in energy and motivation? Do you feel like you’re going through your day in a haze of brain fog…

Meet Suzanne! Our New Energy Worker!

Hi! I’m Suzanne Rainey. I like to call myself a spiritual guide. I work with clients who are on journeys to heal in deep ways, and who may be suffering from chronic issues, pain, anxiety, and other symptoms. I work with people to clear old patterns and restore balance…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

As we approach Thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude to our amazing patients who brighten our days with their smiles, commitment, and constantly improving health. The holidays can be challenging to engage in the festivities yet keep your body happy.  To make your Thanksgiving sweet, yet healthy, here is a tried and true yummy gluten-free, dairy-free pumpkin dessert recipe for you from Detoxinista!

B12 – How Are You Getting This Essential Vitamin?

It is estimated that up to 40% of the U.S. population does not get enough B12 in their diet. Vitamins are substances that are essential in small amounts for the health, growth, reproduction, and maintenance of our body. In nature, these vitamins are never isolated – they are part of complex plant…

Trick or Treat? The Dangers of Sugar

The American Heart Association lists the following foods as containing high amounts of refined sugars. *carbonated soda *candy *cookies *fruit juice drinks *dairy desserts *ice cream *cereals *waffles *pies Watch your list of ingredients! Refined sugar will appear in product labels under other names, such as:


Epigenetics is the study of changes to gene expression without changes to the DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes turn genes on or off and determine which protein is transcribed. Genetics are influenced greatly by environmental and lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep habits, stress levels…

All About Serotonin

Serotonin is a brain neurotransmitter commonly connected to happiness and mood, but it also has numerous functions and roles in multiple body systems, such as in the gastrointestinal, immune, urinary, reproductive, cardiovascular, and hormonal systems. Functional medicine recognizes the other roles of serotonin and the importance of a healthy gut…


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