Functional Medicine

Functional medicine for Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas is offered through The Healing Center. Learn more about functional medicine and how we may be able to help.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine DenverThe systems of your body are not isolated.  Much of medicine today focuses on a single organ like the heart, or a system like the GI tract.  If your heart gets sick, Western Medicine will treat it with specific cardiovascular drugs like blood pressure and/or cholesterol medications.

How Functional Medicine is Different

Functional medicine takes a different approach.  By looking at the body as a whole and examining the interconnected systems of the body, Functional Medicine allows practitioners to diagnose the root of the problem.  If you’re having GI problems, you are probably having issues with your blood sugar, your hormones, and your nervous system as well.

How Functional Medicine Works

• Full Examination: Dr. Starling does a full body examination that includes a detailed family history, as well as structural and allergy assessments.
• Laboratory Testing: Dr. Starling will run the necessary blood tests, immune assessments, and GI panels to fully diagnose what’s going wrong in your body.
• Restoring Function: Dr. Starling will work to restore function to all of your body systems.  She does this with a full range of carefully selected natural products as well as Chiropractic and NAET Allergy Elimination techniques.

Dr. Starling is proud to offer functional medicine to Denver and Colorado. Contact us today to learn more these techniques and to schedule an appointment.

Functional Medicine Colorado