Frustrated with Seasonal Allergies or Food Allergies?  Explore this non-invasive technique that is getting results for both! 

NAET/ BioSet is the name of a safe, effective, non-invasive technique for detecting, eliminating or desensitizing all types of allergies. This includes FOODS and Environmental allergies!   The process is called a “clearing” because it “clears” the bad brainwave pattern which causes the physiological reaction. NAET combines Kinesiology (Muscle Responsive Testing), Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine to clear allergic reactions through a reprogramming of the brain and energetic system of the body.

Our brains have a natural built-in unconscious function controlling the immune system, which has the potential of keeping us allergy free. What has been developed is a technique that consciously focuses the brain on a single allergen while clearing the blocked energy formerly associated with that allergen. This technique can successfully re-train the body in order to achieve an allergy-free state.

How does it work?
Research has shown that when major allergies are eliminated and the immune system is strengthened, the body resumes normal healing and homeostasis. It actually shows up on an EEG as a change in the brainwave pattern. The basic idea is that we have cellular memory and our “allergies” are actually physical manifestations of a memory of being sensitive to something. When we neutralize that memory, per se, we actually clear an “allergy.”   By stimulating the spinal nerves and other specific acupuncture points, in the presence of an allergen, we are desensitizing our bodies and brains to said allergen. It may sound like magic, but that is only because we lack the technology to really understand how our energetic system works.

How do you know what allergens to test?
Muscle testing tells us which allergens are “shorting” out the system.   Dr. Starling tests the most likely allergens to determine what needs to be treated at the beginning, and after basic items have been cleared, the muscle testing is taken to deeper and deeper levels.

How Is the Allergen Used?
The patient holds the allergen in their hand, and the clearing is done by activating the spinal nerves, in the presence of the allergen, thereby “de-sensitizing” the patient to the allergen.   By holding the allergen, the patient’s sensory nerves in the fingertips send a message to the brain as to the sensitivity of this item. This is how the muscle test works in testing for the allergens.

How is the allergen held?
Generally, the allergens are in little glass vials, but any item can be placed inside a small jar. We have a vast array of vials holding allergens from wheat and corn to blue grass and cat hair.   It must be a glass container, and the glass must be lead-free so that the energetic frequency of whatever is being tested can freely move through the glass.

How does the body know what is in the container? Does the patient know in advance what allergen is in the container?
The patient doesn’t need to know the allergen in advance. The basic ideas behind the muscle test are these two concepts:

Everything in the universe has its own electro-magnetic field.
We have sensory neurons in our fingertips.
The sensory neurons in our fingertips are able to “read” the energetic field of the items we touch. Our brain is so amazing that it knows immediately based on the message received by the sensory neurons in our fingertips, whether or not our body’s electro-magnetic field (e-mf) resonates with the e-mf of the allergen we are holding.

As soon as the brain gets this message from the neurons, it sends out a message to the muscles, also known as a reaction or manifestation. This could be seen in the form of a cough, sinusitis, hay fever, itchy eyes, migraine headache, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, insomnia, lethargy, muscle ache, palpitations, anxiety or any other reaction.

Basically, a patient either reacts strongly or weakly. We can test this by doing a muscle test to determine if the patient is strong or weak in the presence of any given allergen.

How do you know if an allergen has been neutralized?
Dr. Starling will muscle test to determine if an allergen has been cleared. Muscle testing happens within 24 hours to 7 days after a treatment to check if the allergen has been cleared.

How many allergens are addressed in each visit?
One allergen per visit, unless doing combination treatments, when we can occasionally clear additional allergies at the same time. Also, some allergens are treated together. For example, all the sugars, vitamin A can be treated with fish and shellfish.   Salt and chlorides are other substances that are treated together.

Does Dr. Starling use acupuncture or acupressure?
She uses acupressure which is effective and easier than using needles and particularly good for kids.

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