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7 responses to “Resources”

  1. Connie Roope

    Has Dr. Starling ever treated someone with Chrug Strauss Vasculitis? I have a diagnosis that is not responding to highest dose for my weight of Immuran. I am also on daily Prednisone, Zyrtec, Spiriva, Albuterol, and have recently been changed from Advair to Dulera. My doctor also boosted my Pred from 5mg daily to a 30 mg burst as my symptoms are really aggravated now. My triggers are cold, I live In Montana, and seasonal changes which include barometric and humidity changes. This year I’ve experienced the worst allergies in my life, which also seems to be triggering the vasculitis worse than ever, in spite of therapies. The cough is so severe that I’ve herniated two disks in my back. I was also diagnosed as a Celiac ten years ago. I participated in allergy shots as a child and about ten years ago. Not to sound dramatic, but I feel as though I am dying and have no idea where to turn for help. I’ve had a lung biopsy, seen an International lung transplant specialist but no one seems able to help. Thank u for your time Connie

    1. Michal Cooling

      Hi Connie,

      Doctor Starling works primarily with chronic and inflammatory conditions, to identify and address the underlying causes. Sounds like you would be a great fit for our office and would learn the tools needed to properly manage your symptoms and find true relief! Each aspect of your concerns (vasculitis, allergies, celiac, etc) are all connected, and it sounds like no one has identified the underlying mechanism involved in each of those symptoms. That’s what we do! Would love to talk more. Please call Danielle to schedule an appointment or set up a time to talk with one of our practitioners. 303-721-9800

      Rooting for you!
      The Healing Center

  2. Andrea

    Where can I find a list of prices to see if this will work for us? Thanks!

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Andrea,
      Please call our office at 303-721-9800 for pricing and appointment information.

  3. Andrea

    Also, do you work with healing SIBO and candida overgrowth? Thanks!

  4. Eve Morton

    In 2007 I had my thyroid removed due to a goiter. No one can seem to get my medicine correct and they won’t check my other levels besides TSH. I have since been gaining weight and can not lose. Is this something you could help me with? Do you prescribe T-3 meds besides T-4 only? Also, do you prescribe NDH meds? And lastly, what (if any) types of insurance do you take? I live mostly paycheck to paycheck and so cash on hand is next to impossible. Billing me in small chunks of payments may work depending on the cost but most offices will not do that.

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Eve,

      Thank you for your message. It is easiest for us to help you over the phone regarding treatment and payment. Please call our office at 303-721-9800.


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