Denver Thyroid Specialist

Denver thyroid specialist Dr. Starling, DC has become a leading adjunctive practitioner in low thyroid and thyroid disorders for patients. She works primarily with women who are suffering with symptoms of fluctuating thyroid hormones and individuals who have been told that their thyroid was normal even though they’re still suffering from the symptoms. Many patients at The Healing center came to Denver thyroid specialist Dr. Starling after being misdiagnosed, under diagnosed or had thyroid issues continue while in the care of a primary physician.

Common symptoms a person may experience that can be helped in our office include:

  • An inability to lose weight, even with diet and exercise
  • Being fatigued and tired most of the time
  • Needing an excessive amount of sleep to function
  • Having memory issues or a “foggy brain”
  • Depression or lacking motivation
  • Hair loss or thinning of the hair
  • Constipation or bowel problems
  • Hot flashes or feeling cold all the time
  • Decreased libido

Most medical professionals only look at TSH levels for the diagnosis and treatment of low thyroid. The problem with this is there are six patterns of low thyroid that may cause problems and not affect your TSH levels. If TSH is only looked at for diagnosis, something is bound to be missing. Additionally, the lab normals for TSH are greatly contested. The Endocrine Society changed the TSH normal lab levels to 1.8 to 3.0 and most lab normals have yet to catch up. This is why your lab work may come back “normal” even though you’re experiencing one or more of the symptoms above. Dr. Starling takes a unique approach to thyroid help using neurological and functional medicine to get to the root cause of the issue.

If you are suffering with thyroid symptoms but have yet to be diagnosed, contact us today for a more thorough evaluation. Dr. Starling can help you using her comprehensive evaluation. She’ll look at all aspects of what may be causing your thyroid issues to ensure you get the proper support and care you need. Denver thyroid specialist Dr. Starling will do the necessary investigation to get at the real cause or problems behind the symptom, so a truly effective program can be developed for you.

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  2. Debbie Woolsey

    would like to know what insureance that you take I have low thyroid problems

  3. marcia sherwood

    i have a friend who needs thyroid medicine immediately and has had thyroid issues for a few years. she has no insurance and is looking to find out what office visits and blood-work will run. do you take patients who have no insurance? if so, what is the average cost of the office visit? thank you.

  4. Georgia

    I am wondering about the blood work that you perform on your patients. I am assuming that you test for TSH and T4 levels, but do you also check to see if T4 is properly converting to T3?

  5. Abby

    I have been struggling with menstrual problems since I was a teenager and now as I am getting older I am trying to get to the root of my issues. Thyroid problems run in my family and I am wondering if it possibly all connects? I also seem to be suffering from many of the thyroid symptoms. I am also curious about your insurance policies or out of pocket cost. Thanks You

  6. Terrie Maruyama

    I’m on medications for recovering from leukemia. My tsh is 47.99 I have had thyroid issues for 40 years. It is always fluctuating. My current levothyroxine dosage is 112 mcg for a week. Before that I was taking 88mcg. I cannot take synthroid

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  8. Megan Wheeler

    Hi there! My name is Megan Wheeler and I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease about two years ago. I live in casper, Wyoming. We don’t have any endocrine specialists here. I am trying to get pregnant and have had no success. Does Dr. Starling help with things of this nature?

    1. Michal Cooling

      Hi Megan,

      Great to hear from you. We see patients all over the nation, and can do the majority of our work long-distance using functional medicine. We primarily see female patients with autoimmune disease, and Dr. Starling and myself work with many patients with Hashimotos and other thyroid conditions. This can be a common underlying cause to infertility and miscarriage when the disease is not managed properly. We would love to help you!!

      Give Danielle, our office manager a call to set up a complementary consult with Dr. Starling or to schedule your new patient appointment!

      Have a great day!
      Michal Cooling, NTP

  9. Patricia Brecheisen

    Just wondering if you guys accept United Health Care Insurance?

  10. Amerin

    Hi I’m having thyroid problem since I’m 15 and now I’m close to 29.Currently I’m shifted to Denver from Dallas. My thyroid blood work time is coming up and I’m totally uninsured here.How can I get help please let me know.

    1. Michal Cooling

      Hi Amerin,
      Sounds like you would be a great fit for our office! 🙂 Give Danielle a call for more information on our office and financial options! 303-721-9800
      The Healing Center

  11. Henry

    Hi I wanted to know if you accepted people without insurance and if you offered a payment plan. As I don’t have insurance. And I think I have trouble with my thyroid gland. Thanks

  12. Brett


    I’ve been having very strange problems with multiple chemical sensitivity, fatigue, slight derealization (which I’ve learned can be a hypothyroidism symptom) and overall malaise. I’m 21 years old and have never had my thyroid levels checked. I was hoping you could help me sort this out.

    Thank you,


  13. debra bonfiglio


    My thyroid levels are increasingly decreasing. Every month I get tested the doctor increases my dose. Right now I take two 121mg pills a day and 5mg of cytomel and I still feel tired and depressed. If I don’t sleep long enough I have a hard time getting around. I was always in good shape and now I have gained a lot of weight and am having a hard time getting rid of it. All of c a sudden I am getting very bad headaches and seeing double. My stomach is always hurting and if I dont take two antacids I can’t eat anything and the doctors don’t know what to do to fix it. Are these symptoms normal for thwcthyroid? Is this something you could help me with?

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Debra,
      Thank you for your comment, please call our office so that we may assist you. Our office number is 303-721-9800.

  14. Crystal Kittelman

    already diagnosed with Hashimotos and Hyperthyroid. Have labs looking for feedback on alternative treatment

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Crystal,

      Thank you for writing! Please contact our office so that we may better assist you. We can be reached at 303-721-9800.

      In Health,
      The Healing Center Staff

  15. Filomena R. Kelly

    Over the past year I have been suffering from thyroid nodules on both left and right sides that have been drained three times and keeps swelling back up. A Biopsy has been performed each time it was drained and is benign. My symptoms are: Fatigue, Having memory issues, depression/lacking motivation, hair loss, dry/thinning hair, feeling cold all the time, swelling/tightness in the neck, swallowing difficulties, coughing or wheezing, hoarseness of voice, mild weight gain, dry skin, puffy face, heavy and irregular menstruation, intolerance to cold, enlarged thyroid (goiter).

    My doctor believes it may be Hashimoto’s and wants to remove my thyroid. I don’t want my thyroid removed because I don’t want to be dependent on medication the rest of my life. What other options are there for me. Are there any natural remedies foods that will help manage my condition?

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Filomena,

      This is not something we can quickly answer. I would recommend scheduling a 15 minute consultation with Dr. Starling to discuss in further details. You may call our office at 303-721-9800 to schedule.


  16. Martha

    Does dr starling also treat hashimotos ?

    1. The Healing Center

      We do work with a lot of patient with autoimmune disorders. Please call our office for more information, 303-721-9800.

  17. Tim Ely

    Do you treat patients that have had their thyroid removed? Thank you!

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Tim,

      Sorry for the delayed response. It is most helpful to answer questions over the phone. Please call us at 303-721-9800 to learn more about our services.


  18. Tim Ely

    One more question which I should have asked first. Do you treat men?

  19. Pam Kulin

    Does Dr Starling test Reverse T3? How does she treat it?
    Does she use Naturthyroid in her practice?
    What about treating suspicious nodules?
    What insurance is accepted?

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Pam,

      You ask great questions! I recommend calling our office to schedule a 15 minute consultation with Dr. Starling and she will be able to best answer your questions. Our office number is 303-721-9800.


  20. Maegan

    Hi there,
    I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. I am currently unable to afford insurance but am at a point where I can barely function from the symptoms of these disorders. Since I don’t have insurance I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to get my body under control. I’m wondering about pricing of treatments, exams, tests, etc. For dr.starling and if there are any aid programs available

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Maegan,

      Thank you for your message. Please call our office to discuss your expressed concerns. We can discuss pricing of care and the different payment options we offer.

      Thank you!

  21. Sharon Shields

    Hello, I have a thyroid disease and I am on 50mcg of synthroid. I am also going through menopause. I am tired all the time. I was watching a show on TV were they read a woman’s body biometrics through her hands. is this something you offer. also I would like to know what insurance you except. and the cost without insurance for the test if you offer it.

    1. The Healing Center

      Hi Sharon,

      I am not familiar with the test/tool you mentioned. I may be better able to assist you over the phone. Please call our office at 303-721-9800.


  22. Sharon Shields

    I have thyroid disease, I am on 50MC synthroid test show maintaining. But I am always tired and neck stiff and uncomfortable with it. I am also going through Menopause . I have heard of a test that can be taken by my hand biometric, is this something that you offer so I can see what my body is missing or anything else wrong. I have had my blood test and everything came back good. But I do not feel well. I would also like to know the cost of the test and office viset with and without insurance. If you and what kind of insurance you accept

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