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A Closer Look at Mammograms, Thermograms and Ultrasounds

A Closer Look at Mammograms, Thermograms and Ultrasounds

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  I am re-posting The Healing Center’s blog written by Mary Beth Gudewicz, which discusses a few different methods which screen the breast tissue. She includes a chart regarding what the different methods look at and their specificity. But first, I want to share a couple thoughts regarding this increasing epidemic. Let’s look at the analogy of […]

Leaky Gut Triggers

By: Mary Beth Gudewicz CNTP, MNT You may have heard the term “leaky gut” used at The Healing Center as a diagnosis and still don’t understand what it truly means.  It sounds like a catch term about conditions that people can’t really give you a clear picture.  So let me break it down for you.  […]

Say Goodbye to “Vitamin D Winter” in Colorado and Get Your Sunshine Vitamin Today

It is officially spring in Colorado and by now we are all aware of the importance of Vitamin D in many aspects of our health from healthy bones to protection from cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases.  Although it is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” you are not always getting Vitamin D when the sun is shining.  […]

Cyrex Array 10 – Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen

Through her ongoing continuing education, Dr. Starling strives to bring the most up to date research and testing to her practice. As a result, we are pleased to announce the addition of Cyrex Laboratories Array 10 – Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen. Why use Cyrex Array 10? ● To evaluate immune reactions to foods, raw […]

Why Hugs Feel Good

By: Mary Beth Gudewicz, CNTP, MNT You wake up and realize your alarm didn’t go off, you have to get the kids to school while getting yourself to work and that is just the beginning of your day. You meet a friend for lunch and she takes one look at you and then gives you […]

Fighting The Holiday Stress

By LuCinda Miller The holidays are upon us! Although the holidays are full of celebration, they can also be a great source of stress for many. Dealing with crowds and long lines, attending back to back parties, eating too much, drinking too much, along with exercising too little and sleeping too little can take a […]

Cooking Oils and Fats: How to Use Them In Your Diet

By: Mary Beth Gudewicz, CNTP, MNT There is so much information on the market about which oils and fats can be used for cooking and which ones should be used in a salad or drizzled on top of cooked vegetables. Handling of nuts, seeds and their oils require extreme care. When oils and fats are […]

Food is Your Best Medicine: The Benefits of Bone Broth

By Jessica Yoches, CNTP While cooler, Fall weather calls for nourishing soups and stews and the pleasant smells of them warming on the stove, it also invokes the worry of possible colds and the flu. Turns out soup is just what the body is asking for: homemade bone broth is an inexpensive, effective antidote for […]

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