Allergy Clearings (NAET)

Understanding Allergies?

Understanding Allergies? People can be allergic to many things, but most fall into four main allergy categories: Things that are inhaled Examples: pollen, dust, mold, mold spores and pet dander Things that are eaten Examples: dairy, eggs, shellfish, gluten, wheat, and nuts Things that are injected Examples: penicillin and other medications Things that are touched […]

An Interview with Dr. Starling

Frustrated with Seasonal Allergies or Food Allergies?  Explore this non-invasive technique that is getting results for both!  NAET/ BioSet is the name of a safe, effective, non-invasive technique for detecting, eliminating or desensitizing all types of allergies. This includes FOODS and Environmental allergies!   The process is called a “clearing” because it “clears” the bad brainwave pattern which […]