Most Dangerous Foods for Gluten Sensitivty, Celiac Disease, Gluten-free Diet #1–Milk

Dr. David Clark, DC – Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Functional Neurologist- explains exactly what current research say about the danger of milk and gluten sensitivity. I’m going to share with you the recently confirmed number one danger to your health if you have gluten sensitivity, celiac disease…and that is consuming milk products. About a year and […]

New Year Repair Protocol for Renewed Vitality

New Year Repair Protocol for Renewed Vitality

A Systemic Nutritional and Detoxification Support Program is an essential part of the nutritional program designed for your health concerns. This includes RepairVite and ClearVite programs. The benefits are many. The results are quickly reflected in improved lab work and assessment results, disappearance of many minor aches and pains, decrease in the level of major physical discomforts, and […]

Inflammation…Good or Bad?

Inflammation…..Good or Bad? Inflammation can be classified as either acute inflammation, which occurs over seconds, minutes, hours, and days, or chronic inflammation, which occurs over longer period of time. Inflammation is part of the body’s immune system. It is the body’s normal, biological response when something harmful or irritating affects a part of our body. […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Let’s start with the definition given by the Mayo Clinic. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that affects the large intestine (colon). Irritable bowel syndrome commonly causes cramping, abdominal pain, bloating gas, diarrhea and constipation. Despite these uncomfortable signs and symptoms, IBS doesn’t cause permanent damage to your […]

functional medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Have you been from doctor to doctor in our Western culture’s medical community but still have no relief for what is causing you distress? Functional medicine may be what you have been searching for. By definition, functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic […]

An Interview with Dr. Starling

Frustrated with Seasonal Allergies or Food Allergies?  Explore this non-invasive technique that is getting results for both!  NAET/ BioSet is the name of a safe, effective, non-invasive technique for detecting, eliminating or desensitizing all types of allergies. This includes FOODS and Environmental allergies!   The process is called a “clearing” because it “clears” the bad brainwave pattern which […]

Why Chiropractic?

Just like regular visits to your dentist promotes good oral health and prevents dental problems, regular visits to your chiropractor help maintain good health and prevent problems and injury.  Chiropractic care allows the body to function correctly. It is a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord, and the rest of your nerves control every […]

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