Allergy Elimination

Maybe It’s Your Allergies

Colorado AllergyColorado allergy elimination for patients in Denver and surrounding locations is offered through The Healing Center. Traditionally, diseases are treated by management of their symptoms.  Symptoms result from poor functioning or non-function of certain organs or body systems.  Medical professionals all over the world are taught to look for and treat the symptoms of disease rather than diagnose the underlying causes.  By treating the underlying causes, these symptoms could be reduced or eliminated permanently.

Allergies Trigger Many Symptoms of Disease

We now know that many symptoms (e.g., headaches, back aches, joint pain, PMS, indigestion, cough, body aches, etc.) are caused by undiagnosed allergies.  When left untreated, allergies can become serious life threatening illnesses.  This is well explained in the book Say Goodbye To Illness by Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D. (WI), D.C., L.Ac., Ph.D. (acu).

How NAET Is A Different Approach to Your Allergies

Denver Allergy

The brain provides warnings to the body whenever blockages occur within the energy pathways.  These warnings include illness, pain, inflammation, fever, heart attacks, strokes, abnormal growths, tumors, and various physical, physiological, and psychological discomforts.  If the symptoms are minor, blockages are minor.  If the symptoms are major, blockages are major.  NAET, is an innovative and completely natural method for regaining better health with often permanent freedom from allergies and the diseases arising from those allergens.

How Dr. Starling Incorporates NAET into Your Overall Health Care

Dr. Starling has worked to perfect the technique of Dr. Nambudripad over time.  By combining NAET with chiropractic and functional medicine, she provides a whole body solution to disease care and can quickly help you with many lingering problems.  Contact us today to learn more about Colorado allergy care for patients in and near Denver.