How Emotions Affect Your Health: Drop the Emotional Baggage for Good

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Every day each of us experiences an array of emotions that can range from pure illation to the worst kind of grief, sometimes making it feel like we’re on an emotional rollercoaster.

Though most emotions leave the body after they are experienced, some will latch on, continuing to have a negative effect without us consciously knowing.

Before we dive into why some emotions get stuck in our bodies, it is first important to know that every living being has both a physical body and an energetic body, both of which are made of pure energy.

The main difference between this visible physical body and its invisible energy field is the frequency at which they both vibrate.

Our physical body, when broken down to the smallest building blocks of life is made of subatomic particles, which are just incredibly small units of energy. Our energy field, which runs through our entire body, provides a template for this physical body to base itself.

Just like our two bodies, emotions are also made of vibrating energy and each have their own distinct frequency.

What we need to be aware of is that as we experience the ups and downs of life, these emotional energies can get stuck in our energy field, thus creating imbalances in the energetic template of our body.

Unfortunately, these invisible imbalances can have physical impacts if left uncorrected. In this article, we’ll explain the different kinds of emotional energies that can get stuck, how they negatively impact our health, and ways to remove stuck emotions to restore energetic balance and vitality.

What are emotional energies and how do they get stuck?

Emotions like sadness, anxiety, grief and other “negative” emotions all have a relatively low frequency compared to the natural frequency of our body. Sometimes when either we feel an emotion deeply or our bodies are in a weakened state (i.e. sick or fatigued), these emotions can get stuck instead of fully processing and leaving.

Below are three common emotional energies that can create energetic imbalances in your body:

  • Trapped Emotion: Is an emotion that you felt at one point in your life, such as being angry at your boss five years ago, that is now stuck in a specific place in your body. Most often, trapped emotions lodge themselves in a place that has already been compromised or hurt such as an arm that once was broke or a sore back.
  • Heart-Wall: Is a trapped emotion that has formed around your heart to protect you from feeling heartbreak. Since the heart is where love is both generated and received, having a wall around it will greatly limit your ability to give and feel love freely.
  • Emotional Resonance: Rather than being stuck in a particular part of the body like a trapped emotion or heart-wall, emotional resonance will resonate through every cell in your body thus lowering the frequency of your entire body.

Why are stuck emotional energies a problem?

When emotional energies get stuck, they create a roadblock preventing energy from freely moving through the body. This stuck and blocked energy creates chronic stress on the body which lowers your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.

If left untreated, energetic blockages and imbalances can manifest into physical symptoms such as disease, allergies, chronic pain and mental illness.

Below is a list of other negative impacts of having energetic imbalances:

  • Slows healing/chronic pain: Trapped emotions will lower the frequency of all body parts (tissues, bones, cells, etc) of whatever it is trapped. For instance, if you have a trapped emotion of fear in your right knee then everything in your knee will now vibrate at a lower frequency making it more susceptible to issues such as chronic pain or misalignment.
  • Effects on mood and outlook: Trapped emotional energies can affect your mood and how you react to certain situations. Because emotional energies lower your energy level, they can make you more susceptible to trapping additional negative energies.For example, if you have several trapped energies that are related to feeling frustrated and angry then the next time you are presented with a situation that could anger you it is likely you will react in a way that could trap another similar emotional energy.
  • Impacts on relationships with others: The more trapped emotions and other energetic imbalances you have the more likely it is to negatively affect the way you interact with others, especially if you have a heart wall or emotional resonance.

How to find and release emotions and other negative energies

Luckily, there are ways to identify and remove this emotional baggage and finally be free from its negative effects. The Emotion Code and Body Code are two energy healing modalities I use that very quickly and effectively locate and remove emotional energies.

Because your subconscious keeps track of everything that you’ve ever experienced, we can identify any emotional energies that are stuck using a biofeedback technique called muscle testing.

Once identified, emotional energies can be easily cleared one at a time by sending neutralizing energy down the spine which hosts the main energy channel of the body called the governing meridian.

Running energy down this meridian will clear any negative energy in the body even if it’s way down in your toes. Energy can be released in a variety of ways depending on what your subconscious feels is best for you, but typically I will clear emotions and other trapped energy by running a magnet down the patient’s spine.

I have found that emotional energies are the most prevalent negative energies can get trapped, but I also check and clear other energetic stressors such as post-trauma, allergies and intolerances, mental blocks, and offensive energy given to you by outside sources.

If your mood is feeling off or you are experiencing stubborn health issues like chronic pain and autoimmune conditions, then contact us at the Healing Center in Denver, CO by calling (303) 721-8900 to schedule a 15-minute consultation. Or request a consultation below. I’ll help you release any energetic imbalances that are sabotaging your health and wellbeing!

Written by KT Colgan In-Depth Sources Nelson, Bradley. The Body Code. Dr. Bradley Nelson and Wellness Unmasked, Inc., 2009. Chiasson, Ann Marie. Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care. Sounds True, 2013.

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How Emotions Affect Your Health: Drop the Emotional Baggage for Good

Every day each of us experiences an array of emotions that can range from pure illation to the worst kind of grief, sometimes making it feel like we’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Though most emotions leave the body after they are experienced, some will latch on, continuing to have a negative effect without us consciously knowing. Before we dive into why some emotions…

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